Salomon Men's QST Access 70 (2023)
Salomon Men's QST Access 70 (2023)
Salomon Men's QST Access 70 (2023)

Salomon Men's QST Access 70 (2023)

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Hike & Ride

System combining a backbone release with a V-cut shape. It allows for effortless walkability in hike mode, strong back support & progressive forward flex when skiing down.

My CustomFit comfort

This liner offers great comfort, good insulation and easy step-in.

Tool free tooth adjustment

Easy, tool-free & efficient personalization of each calf volume is achieved by rotating and moving the lower buckle.


A more durable material, which also provides lightness and stability.

Easy step-in overlap

This softer, petal construction makes it easier to open the boot than the classic overlap.


More durable material, also providing lightness and stability.

360° 35mm

A 35mm strap to hold the foot securely and optimize power transmission.

Alpine premounted ISO 5355

Alpine pads are premounted and compatible with ISO 9462 alpine bindings.

Riveted oversized pivot

The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.